Come Let Us Reason (CLR) is a Bible teaching ministry designed to reach out to spiritual seekers, and to equip Christians for the unique challenges of ministry in our “postmodern” culture. The Director, Dean Davis, has drawn upon his background in Philosophy and Theology to develop a number of seminars dealing with various aspects of the biblical worldview, apologetics, and comparative religion. These include:

The Biblical Worldview: What it is and Why it is Reasonable to Believe

The Test: A Fresh Perspective on Apologetics and the Meaning of Life

Biblical Cosmology: Studies in the Origin, Purpose, Structure, and Destiny of the Universe

The High King of Heaven: Discovering the Master Key of Biblical Eschatology

Thy Word is Truth: How We Can Know the Bible is the Word of God

Salvation is of the Lord: Understanding the Doctrines of Grace

Holy, Holy, Holy: Meditations on the Tri-Unity of God

If you would be interested in learning more about these seminars, or in having Dean come teach one in your group, please contact him